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Welcome to the e2e demos for Angular Material Design Lite! (@angular-mdl/core)

  • Angular components for Material Design Lite
  • Suports Angular 2 (angular2-mdl) and Angular 4 and up (@angular-mdl/core)
    • change the properties and the components changes their behavior
    • add and remove components on the fly (for example menu items)
  • Components instead of css classes.
    • This will provide less errors and a better tool support.
    • The html code is shorter.
  • Include only the code that you really use in your production files.
  • For sure this demo and docu has been created with angular2-mdl!
  • Ready for Angular Reactive Forms.

Still not convinced? With this package you can mix original material design lite features and angular web apps within one website. yovelino.de uses material deisgn lite for the content related pages and angular2-mdl for the tour planner. But the user will not notice this because both parts look and behave the same.